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Monday, December 20, 2004

There be sleeves here.

Yep, just bound off the sleeves for Pinup Queen. Now, to breeze through the front, block, and beg someone at the yarn store to teach me how to put together a sweater (well, um, have someone help me actually).

Stuffed Mr. Turtle without making him take another bath. I also washed and blocked most of the other gifts, and am quite disappointed with how the grandfather gloves turned out. If possible, the palm grew and the fingers shrunk, and no amount of poking and prodding and stretching could do a thing with them. I almost don't want to give them to him, but I seriously don't have the time to make anything else. Once I get the sweater done, it's packing and freaking out about the trip. Once they're on, they aren't bad, but DAMN, do they look funny. *cry* What to do, what to do. Probably I'll suck it up, say, I knit you a pair of gloves but they aren't gift-worthy, here's an IOU for a pair of gloves that actually look normal. Gah gah gah.