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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Suddenly knitting is manageable again

BWAHAHA! There is no letting a puny little power outage stop me from knitting! I finished Mom's Present with a flashlight held under my chin illuminating my hands. (Kitty loved the shadows that made, let me tell you--and I decided it was wisest to not attempt the end weaving until the power came back on. It worked much better with real light.)

So that means 3 presents to go. And I just reduced the scope of one...Boy and I decided his father would like a hat more than a pair of socks. Timewise, a hat equals *a* sock, just about (since I was making heavier socks). The turtle won't take long. The sweater's already started. Then I can knit a couple things for myself again before a new round of gifts! (I'm starting my Christmas 2005 gifts on December 26 of this year. I know better now.)

Now, time to pick your brains, gentle readers. Which wool wash would you recommend? I have some Wool Pak (I think?) in the lavender scent, but somehow I don't think the guys on my list will be into that. I have to have a blocking party pretty soon, that's why I ask.

Oh, and I put some yarn on my destash page. Kureyon, Lorna's Laces, and On Line. Good stuff.