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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Big Reveal™

So.....I didn't want to do this until tomorrow, when she's supposed to receive the last package, but since my secret pal is apparently a detective as well as a radio DJ, today is the day. As she already figured out, I gave to Lara aka Vibegrrl. Lara, you were a pleasure to give to and I enjoyed stalking reading your blog :-) Hope you enjoy the last package!

My SP hasn't revealed herself yet, at least not totally. I received an e-mail from her Friday saying she still had one more package to mail (which I should receive today, except I'm fairly sure NO ONE in my building got any mail today, strangely enough) and would reveal herself then. I got a small package from her last....Wednesday I think?....with a grow-your-own-paper-flowers tree thingie and a lip balm decorated with all this Zen/Japanese-type art. I'm waiting to take pictures until I grow the tree, and I haven't had a chance to do that yet. Thank you SP (I at least know her name is Christina)!

Went to the LYS today to avoid any mention of politics in the Outside World and picked up a couple skeins of this new Noro yarn called Kujaku. It's wool wrapped in a polyester thread, and at intervals the thread completely wraps around the wool for about an inch. It's interesting. I experimental-knit some up on the bus on the way home, and I found I like it best in stockinette and in, oddly enough, purse stitch. Next up: I'll see how it felts.