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Monday, November 01, 2004

Joining the bandwagon

Just like Natalie and Kris, I figured I might as well list my November Knitting Goals.

  • Finish DNA

  • Finish Grandfather Gloves (These first two, hopefully this week)

  • Finish those damn sleeves, if not the front too, for Pinup Queen


  • Make/felt Deb's turtle

  • Roger's socks

  • Start Mom's Secret Present

  • Swatch for/start Rosedale?

  • At least START Michael's afghan

And for December:

  • Figure out something for Russ

  • Make myself some socks

  • Make sure I didn't forget anyone on my knitting list

  • Finish Mom's Secret Present

  • Make cloche hat that matches Windy City Scarf before going to England

  • Block everything

There, it's all listed out, and I hopefully will get some of this done! It actually looks reasonably manageable....but then I have to add school to the equation. Putting Ruffles on hold for a bit. Christmas is a little more important right now.