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Monday, October 18, 2004

I wanted to post some pictures....

But of course I left my camera home. Bah. All I really had was a progress pic of the Grandfather Gloves. The cable doesn't come out on the pictures, since the yarn I'm using is charcoal gray.

Eyeleen: I'm using Silk Garden #84. It's the red/pink/orangey one. Don't expect pictures of Rosedale for a long while...there are way too many things ahead of it on the queue! :-) I'm thinking that I might have enough left to make matching gloves or a headband. Yay for sets!

Frogged the experimental Splash scarf. It wasn't coming out right. I'm actually tiring of Splash a bit. It feels nice knit up, and I did just find the yellow variegated at the LYS, but garter stitch is TEH BORING. After I knit up the yellow, I might put the other balls I have on eBay. Novelty yarn in general is me right now. I suppose that's a sign that my knitting sensibilities are growing up. (Despite the yellow Fun Fur I bought at Walmart yesterday. Anyone seeing a trend in my color choice? I like yellow, and it gets so gray here in the winter that bright accessories are good for cheering myself up.) So instead I started another experimental scarf, totally not expecting to like it at all, but I do. I was looking through Scarf Style (wonderful book, BTW) and saw the ruffle scarf. I don't like ruffles. I'm not a girly girl, but I was reading through the instructions and they were just not making sense in my head. So I started it. And it's some nice easy knitting, but not boring like garter. The short rows give me just enough difference to make me not want to stick the needles in my eyes from sheer boredom. But I don't have to look at it...heck, I did about a foot during Saturday's dismal Red Sox game. I don't know if I'm going to keep it or find someone to gift it to. But it's soothing.

Worked on the gloves and the Endless Sleeves last night. I know, I know, it was smart to do both sleeves at once, but lord, it seems like they aren't getting any bigger! I'm almost done with the middle finger on the first glove too.

Gonna put some stuff on eBay tonight when I get home. Or maybe this afternoon...since the pics are on the computer. Christmas is coming up....need gift money.