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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

*gasp* She's alive!

School + sick = no knitblogging. But at least I have another FO to report!

Meet the sunshine Chickami! She's made from some random acrylic that I bought at the BLYS (Boy-Local Yarn Store) ages ago. The pattern for the size I made called for 925 yards (since I made the wide straps, much as it may not look like it, since they roll), and I used *maybe* 650. Gotta love yarn over-estimation. Now I have almost 2 balls (since I actually bought for the size up from mine, 4 balls/320yds each) of this yarn. What to make, what to make? Sorry for the lack of action honestly looks kind of weird on, since the straps are rather closely set. Shows my bra straps too. It's a bit itchy, which is disappointing since the yarn felt okay in the ball. Like I said, fabric softener.

And as if that isn't enough, I finally cast on for the actual DNA scarf! I tried to get through a cable repeat last night before going to bed, but I sadly gave up with 4 rows to go. This is at about row 20 or so:

It's going much more quickly than the swatch did...the practice with the chart helped a lot.

I also finished sock #1 of the pair for Ernest. (In case anyone's wondering, that's the Boy's brother-in-law.) Cast on for the second this morning. I might just get my Christmas list done in plenty of time!

I've got startitis again now that I'm done with the Chickami. I saw while blogsurfing that Annie finished her Rogue, and it looks outstanding. Which of course makes me want to cast on for mine, and I like the look of hers so much, I want to use a different yarn for mine. I have some teal heather Cascade 220 which is just about the same color as my eyes, but I'm liking the slightly variegated look of hers. I'll have to check prices on the Nature Wool she used...they have it at the LYS and I drool over it every time I go there. Such gorgeous colors. I'm also slightly obsessed with Clapotis, just like every other blogger out there *grin* I know just the yarn for it too....there's a hand-dyed line that's produced locally (Tess's Designer Yarns) and they have a nice soft superwash merino that I adore. Expensive, but plenty of yardage...I think I could get one out of a single hank if I made it a little narrower. (The hanks are about 550 yards apiece.)

But....I told Kelly this and gave her full permission to make fun of me if I go back on it: no more knitting for myself until the Christmas presents are done. So the next thing I'll most likely start is a pair of gloves for my grandfather. (Mom, you can keep a secret, right?) Charcoal gray alpaca. I wanted to use this cashmere at the LYS, but one skein is just short of glove amount, and 2 skeins would make it too expensive. The alpaca is plenty soft anyway.

New yarn store in Portland called Knit Wit. I went there Friday night right before they closed and spent most of my time drooling slack-jawedly over the Rowan! And the Colinette! And (my personal favorite) the Schaefer! I left with a hank of Anne, 2 balls of Kidsilk Haze in the celery green, and Rowan 36 (love love LOVE!). Now I'm finding myself trying to figure out what to do with 2 balls of the KSH....besides yet another scarf. The Anne I think will make a nice shawl for someone.