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Thursday, September 16, 2004

It'll get better, right?

First off, thanks everyone for your comments on my Charlotte! I think this is the most comments I've gotten on anything!

Now...I finished my DNA swatch today, and was actually pretty disappointed in it, pre-blocking anyway.

See how lumpy and uneven it is? I don't like the gathering at where the cable begins and ends, and the pattern doesn't seem to take that into account. I think there might be a couple errors in the chart I have, but I have to look at it more closely. And the drape of the swatch left a little to be desired. The seed stitch seemed a bit stiff, and the middle around the cable seemed a bit limp. So, I'm not really sure how I feel about the thing right now.

Here it is pinned to my blocking board and spritzed. (For the record, wet alpaca smells foul. I see why wool wash has lavender and other pretty smelling things in it.) It pinned out about 6.5x7 inches. I'm hoping it dries by tomorrow morning (it's pinned to foam core, so who knows?) so I can make a trip to the yarn store after class for new yarn/needles/whatever should the need arise.

I also owe you wonderful blogreaders pictures of Matt's hat and Karen's lace rib scarf. The scarf I want to wash and block first, b/c it doesn't really look like much right now. But the hat....I suppose I could put that on for your viewing pleasure. Keep in mind my head is significantly smaller than Matt's, and ignore the fact that the color makes me look positively ill.

Just a simple 2x2 rib hat I made totally without a pattern. I loved reasoning out the decreases so they'd look best when I got to the crown shaping. That was more fun than it should have been.