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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I think I'm going to frog the Jelly Bean sock. Kind of tragic, considering I'm about 2 inches from starting the toe, but there's good reason. I tried it on last night and the leg fits strangely just above the heel flap. The heel stitch called for in this pattern draws in a lot more than the heel stitch I did on Broadripple, which leaves a bit of a poof on the leg right above where the heel flap starts. (I also should have used size 2 needles rather than size 3, but I was just going to live with that. Could be part of the problem of the poof, but the heel stitches will get smaller too with a smaller needle, so maybe not.) Maybe I'll try a toe-up pattern instead, just to say I've tried it.

Called IK. Apparently their fall issue is running about 2 weeks late. Well, it's been a month since they told me I'd get it. They also said they can't look up my info in the system until tomorrow or Thursday, because they're running some sort of report. Whatever. Also e-mailed VK, again. Why bother subscribing if you won't get your issue until a month after it comes out on the newsstand?

Edit about magazine situation:
IK came in the mail today. VK wrote back and said that my replacement issue was requested 8/9, which means I should be receiving it around 9/15. Maybe I just don't understand the magazine subscription industy, but WTF mate! That doesn't seem reasonable to me at all! *grumble* But at least I got one of them. And after all that waiting I'm....underwhelmed. There are maybe 2 or 3 designs I'd consider making at all. The thing that impresses me about IK is the size range most of the sweaters come in, from super small to fairly ample. It encompasses a lot of people, and I really like that.