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Monday, August 16, 2004


Lots of stuff to show you today! First off, we have something that arrived in my mailbox on Saturday from an unnamed source in New Jersey:

Sooo soft, and the colors are so intense. Apparently my camera is tired, because it hasn't captured a color accurately in any sort of light for a couple of weeks now. Go here for a look at what the colors really look like. The yarn is similar to Point 5 (which is droolworthy in itself), but MUCH bigger hanks! Thank you Secret Pal! If she starts off this strong, I'm wondering what other goodies to expect :-)

And of course I realized I haven't posted any pictures of the finished Feather-And-Fan it is! Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca in raspberry...I used probably 2 1/2 skeins. Also incredibly soft.

This is not really gray. Honest. It's a soft sage green that goes perfectly with my bathroom. This is the pattern from Weekend Knitting.

The sheddy Chinchilla chemo cap. It turns out soft and silky, but I'm still covered with red fuzz that's been floating around my apartment waiting for clearance to land, apparently. More of a darker burgundy than the picture shows. Now I just need to find someplace to send it. I'd like to send it to somewhere local, but there are national organizations that collect them too.

Now a UFO to go with all the FOs in this post. Obviously when I'm done with Charlotte I'm going to have to find a better camera, because you MUST see the colors truly. That green in the middle should be way more intense than the picture shows. I've got 16 rows to go, which may lead those unfamiliar with the pattern to say, wow, you're almost done! Let me put it this way....the first row of the pattern had 7 stitches in it. The row I'm at now has...well, I don't feel like counting now, so let me estimate around 275 stitches. And I'm just going to keep adding more until the end! Each row takes around half an hour now, so that's another 8 hours of work before she's done, not counting blocking and edging. That's a lot of knitting on teeny size 6 needles!