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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Need a new transit project.

I've been carrying Sarah's HP scarf around to work on while riding the bus, but as I was telling Kelly today, it's really getting too big to bring with me. It's not even halfway done, and I think it's almost 3 feet. So...what to bring? I should make something out of the 2 skeins of beige-y Koigu I have kicking around. Gloves?

BTW, I put two more batches of Kureyon up on my give-my-yarn-a-good-home page. I think if something goes unclaimed for a week, that's when it goes on eBay.

Projects I've neglected the past few days: the sweater and Charlotte. My friend Tiffany admired my entrelac swatch today (I hung it on my bulletin board, because I'm a dork like that.) Of course the non-knitter appreciates the most fiddly, complicated thing I've done! *grin*