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Monday, July 19, 2004

I am perpetually bad about pictures.

But I realize this about myself, and have endeavored to redeem myself today. (Granted, the pics are all out of date because I took them a few days ago, but anyway....)

A random hat that got lost in the shuffle of FOs. It's out of less than 1 skein of Colinette Point 5. It's too time, I use sz 15 needles rather than 17. Free pattern from ChicKnits.

A finished pair of socks! Again, ignore the scary white legs that my cheap camera interpreted as gray. I'm most likely never going to wear these, but I'm proud of them anyway!

Mmm, green Kool-Aid. I think that's probably 10 or 15 rows up the body of the bag (I'm at 30 now). Patons Classic Wool dyed with some combination of Kool-Aid. Kiwi something-or-other? I don't even remember now.

The stitches go marching two-by-two, hurrah, hurrah! Yep, a whole swath of 2x2 ribbing in rose heather Wool-Ease. Yes, Kelly, I am working on it, and you'll have it under your tree!

The ends are woven in on Elise's Christmas scarf, and eventually I'll take a picture of that too. Most likely after I block it, which will be closer to Christmas. Right now I'm knitting up lace swatches to choose a pattern for Karen's scarf. I wish more pattern books would specify which stitch patterns are reversible *sigh*