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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I hate Kitchener stitch.

So I'm procrastinating on finishing Broadripple Part Deux. Grafting the toe and weaving in ends on both socks is all I have left (I finished knitting the toe this morning before catching the bus--gotta find every moment possible to cram knitting into, y'know?). That leaves me with 3 projects on the needles. 4 seems to be a healthy number for me, and everything I have going is on medium-sized needles. So I need something on big needles...sounds like Michael's afghan on ass-kicking 35s is the way to go. Hopefully that'll go fast, because the needles feel like they're going to be really awkward, not to mention working off two cones at the same time. I need dowels and scrap wood to make a holder before I begin, I think, otherwise I'm going to tie myself together with black and blue Homespun. Not cool. Maybe I'll trek over to Aubuchon between work and WW.

Still awaiting the TKGA kit. Despite all the other stuff I have going, I'm really looking forward to starting it. Whatever I do, I always want to be better at it, and knitting is no exception.

Bought Space Bags for the yarn stash last night. For some reason, they aren't helping me fit any more yarn into the cedar chest, probably the shape the bags ended up being after they were vacuumed out. But I just about cleaned out my 3-drawer thing, except for the kitchen cotton in the top drawer, which doesn't deserve to be in something as cool as a Space Bag. Realized I have way too much Noro for my own good. I think the orangey-rusty-red Silk Garden I have is going to turn into a cardi for the fall. Either Rosedale (from Knitty) or just a simple top-down V-neck (which I have the pattern for from Knitting Plain and Simple). Probably the V-neck.