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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ah, Charlotte

I meant to take a picture of my progress this morning before work, but guess who got up a weeeeeee bit late. I finished row 86 last night, out of a total 154. "Yay!" you say. "Over halfway done!" Unfortunately, this close to the end the rows just keep getting longer and longer and looooonnnnnggggeeeeeeeerrrrr. I haven't figured out how many stitches will be in the last row, but I know it's a lot. There's a lot on the needle now. I think the 29" circ I'm using will be long enough for all the stitches though. I'm going to change the color order a bit, so I can have more of that pretty pink/yellow mix that I mistakenly cast on with when my intention was to use it last. See if I cast on another Charlotte when I'm overtired again.