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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I might actually *gasp* finish something today!

I'm sewing up the seams on Shapely right now. I did the first one a few nights ago, and nearly stabbed myself in the eye repeatedly to relieve the pain. The second side seam seems (heh) to be going a little better.

I've found a couple girls to set up a Stitch and Bitch group with. I'm excited to find people who also knit. We're doing a yarn store field trip on Friday (during which I'm going to resist making a purchase) and then heading back to campus to knit in the Union. Yay!

Shapely, she be done!!! w00t!!! She's a little clingy around the tummy, but fits nicely around the boobs and hips. The straps are a LEETLE wide for my taste, and I made the armholes SLIGHTLY too shallow, and the seams look like ass, mostly because my selvedge stitches suck, and I got bored with all the frickin' stockinette stitch by the end, but it's the first garment I've ever made!!! Pictures will happen at a later date, mostly because right now I'm lazy. I'm so impressed with myself right now!