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Monday, May 17, 2004

Took a couple FO pics tonight.

Grr. Apparently my camera's flash has issues with the color red. Anyway...this is my first crochet project ever. It's from one of those scarf kits they have at Craft World. It's made of Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick in a red-based rainbow color, whatever they feel like calling it. You can see that my tension loosened way up as I kept going. The beginning of the scarf is way stiff, not scarf-like at all. (I was wrapping my yarn the wrong way as well.)

This is a knit string shopping bag from Plymouth Fantasy Naturale (100% mercerized cotton). The way it's hanging, it almost looks like a cute little cami. There's a pocket at the bottom that it tucks away into, but I still need to sew a button on. (Have I ever mentioned that I hate sewing?)

No, I'm not hiding on purpose. The hat really is that big. Next time I'll make the next size down. The yarn is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (NEVER AGAIN!). Mom, this is the hat I want to make for Kimmy's son. I might have to size down the pattern though, I'll know after I see the kid and measure his head. I don't know how big infants' heads are.

There might be more pics later, I'm seeing the end of Shapely's back. (Then, the sewing. *cry*)