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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Goals for tonight

-- Finish the waist decreases on the back of Shapely (on row 7 now since starting the decreases, the last decreases are on row 17)
-- Do a couple inches on the abandoned beaded scarf
-- Wind a few hanks of Fantasy Naturale into balls
-- Possibly work on Eros, but that's not a definite

It may seem late to add all this to my tonight list, but I slept in today, so I'll be up for a good 2-3 hours more tonight.

I've decided I'm not starting anything else until I've taken 2 things off the in-progress list (and no, Tiffany's scarf doesn't count since all I have left on that is weaving in two measly ends). Ideally, I'll clear the list and won't start anything else before the trip so I can start fresh. (I'm counting the Monday night I spend at my grandparents' before we leave as part of the trip...I'm such a cheater.)