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Wednesday, April 28, 2004 pic yet.

I've made a LOT of progress on Shapely since last post. Tonight I got to the bust shaping and have done one set (out of 12!) of the short rows. I've done a lot of stockinette stitch today, and have come to the conclusion that I hate purling. Maybe it's all those garter stitch scarves I've done and all the practice I've had at the knit stitch, but my purl rows take twice as long as my knit rows. Maybe next scarf I do I'll purl every row for the practice. It'll look the same.

I think tomorrow's official UFO will be the beaded scarf. I've screwed up so much (already!) in the second row, and mohair's so hard to "tink", that I think I need to just start over. I'm not looking forward to casting on 237 stitches again, but every scarf I've seen posted in the knit-along site looks so good that I'm inspired to get cracking on mine. Not tonight though. My eyes are too bleary. But before that I'm seaming up everything that needs seaming and weaving all the ends that need weaving! (I need to start weaving ends as I go. Argh.)