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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Thursday...UFO night.

And one of my UFOs, of course, is blogging about my FOs.

These are all Kool-Aid dyed Patons Classic Wool Merino. (The colors look much more vibrant in person, my digital camera is a POS.) The bigger balls are ~200 yards each (one full ball), and the smaller ones are ~100 yards each (half a ball each).

This is a simple mesh hat I made out of about 2/3 a ball of Cascade Fixation (cotton/lycra blend).

This is the infamous Coney Island Fireworks Scarf. It's made of navy blue Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and blue/copper Trendsetter Yarns Metal. Never again. Never friggin' again.

And another scarf made out of beautiful, beautiful Crystal Palace Splash. This one will be going to hockey games with me next year.

Tonight's UFO is my kitty bed. I got through quite a bit of it last night, and I have about 5 more inches before I can sew it together. I'm hoping to finish the knitting tonight, as I think I'm going to need help sewing it together. After that, I'm hoping to work on the beaded scarf for the knitalong, or starting a Shapely Tank with some random stash yarn. And I've decided against frogging the beige hat, so I'll seam that up tonight, if only to free up the needles.