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Friday, April 09, 2004

In one of the knitting communities I'm in (I can't remember which one and I'm too lazy to open my friends page and check), tonight (and possibly every Thursday night) has been proclaimed UFO night (UnFinished Object night), meaning finish something that's unfinished tonight. I suppose I finished something, but it doesn't really count since I started it today. It's a cabled/seed-stitch hat out of some of the rest of that Wool-Ease T&Q denim twist yarn. The pattern's out of Hip to Knit, and the damn thing is wayyyyy too long. Kinda big too. But I can fold up the ribbed edge to help with the length and it's all good. I wasn't sure how it would turn out with the twist yarn and the stitch pattern, but it's not bad. Either way, it'll keep my head warm at hockey games next year. (Note: seed stitch in a bulky yarn is my new favorite thing. So cushy feeling....)

I'm working on a PDA cover out of the same cotton/spandex yarn I made the lace hat out of, but I think I may frog it. The stitches are really uneven....I think my tension's off, because my stockinette is usually fairly nice looking. I still need a cover though...I think I may make it out of some Kool-Aid yarn I have though. Or the random Plymouth Floral Splash I couldn't resist picking up on sale at the LYS. Or one of my half-used skeins I have kicking around. Or....okay, I'll stop.

Now, should I go to bed or work on Tiff's scarf? That might bore me to sleep at this time of night, since it's just knit knit knit knit. Argh. I need to step up to more challenging stuff, and soon.