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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

So here's my progress log for right now.

Almost done:
Windy City Scarf (weave in ends)
Blue/white Kitschy Kerchief (sew ties on, weave in ends)
Booga bag (finish felting, block/dry, attach straps)

On the needles:
Coney Island Fireworks Scarf (which I'm ignoring b/c I'm bored with garter stitch)
Official Kittyville Hat (in some really scary cheap-ass Red Heart yarn...looks fairly cool, but needs some mega-softening--this one should end up being finished tonight)

Next up:
Homespun hooded sweater
Princess Snowball Cat Bed (from SnB)
And maybe, if I feel really daring...socks. I'm scared of double point needles, but I want to learn to make socks, b/c, I mean, look at all the really cool self-striping sock yarn out there.