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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Project update

So I'm almost done with the Booga Bag...all I have to do is felt it and string the handles through, and it's done. I might get impatient and do it in the washers downstairs, even though it'll use valuable quarters. Today I started the Coney Island Fireworks Scarf from SnB and got crazy bored after about 4 inches. I mean, it's just garter stitch. (The only reason I decided to start it was I organized my stash, and the Trendsetter Metal yarn ball was unraveling, so I figured I'd better knit it up so I don't have to store it anymore.) Now I'm whipping together another Kitschy Kerchief with Lion Brand Polarspun. The last time I tried, I used needles that were too small and ended up breaking the yarn numerous times, so now I'm using bigger needles and hoping it works out. It feels nice.