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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Yes, finally, the promised pictures. I was a big dork and didn't feel like modeling stuff myself, so I hired my trusty teddy bear, who didn't complain one bit.

The completed Booga Bag from the knit-along. Noro Kureyon #124.

A full view of the scarf you've only seen detail of previously.

One of my Maineiac hats for next season. Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Denim Print. Cast on, knit in the round, decrease, and end. Easiest. Hat. Ever.

Same pattern as above, but pastels. Plymouth Yarn Yukon Print.

Another Kitschy Kerchief. I couldn't get this to look right on the bear, so I (reluctantly) modeled it. I was too lazy to tie it though. Lion Brand Polarspun. I am never using this stuff again.

Flash is bad, mmmkay? If I had more AA batteries, I'd retake the picture, but it'll have to wait. This is Knitaly 100% wool in red speckled and black. The Windy City keyhole scarf from SnB.