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Monday, March 29, 2004

All right, loyal readers...

Well, loyal reader.

What I need you to do is simply this. If I ever mention making another Coney Island Fireworks Scarf again, I need you to go to Joann's and buy a pair of size 35 needles.

Then beat me with them until I change my mind.

I am about ready to strangle myself with the eyelash yarn. That is, if it wasn't tangled into a knot that precludes the aforementioned strangulation. *cries*

However, I did make another chunky roll-brimmed hat tonight, the Homespun sweater is going quite well, and I'm slowly working myself up to conquering the Beast Known As Double Pointed Needles. (It's getting to be about that time when I wear sandals, but my toes are still cold, so it's time to look geeky in handmade cool socks.)

I still have ears to make on the Kittyville hat and ends to weave in on a few things. (Why-oh-why do I hate the end-weaving?) In fact, I should go weave the ends now and start in on a picture-post. Yeah.