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Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Well, I think I'm going to frog the beige hat. It's going to be too big, and I don't think I'll wear it anyway. So, now I need something else to do with one skein of wheat heather Wool-Ease.

Did another couple inches on the side wall of the kitty bed last night while I couldn't sleep. About halfway through. It's slow going because, truthfully, it's kinda boring. It's just straight garter stitch. So I just need to get it DONE.

My nerdy-ass self put together an AppleWorks database last night for my yarn stash, just so I can keep track of what I have. It kept me calm too. I'll continue working on it tonight, because I need something to keep me calm again.

Later, there will be pictures. I have one more hank of Kool-Aid yarn to wind into a ball, and then I'll take pictures of that and all the FO's since the last photo-post. Promise! (Besides, I finally replaced the batteries in my camera.)