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Friday, April 23, 2004

Knit knit knit, all day long...knit knit knit, while I sing this song

Got some patterns from Patternworks and Elann today. I absolutely love how they send the patterns already in sheet protectors. That rocks so hard. The only problem with sheet protectors is they make the pages stick out far enough in the binder that the tabs on my dividers don't show. I might have to take a trip to Staples and see if I can get some wider dividers. I'm soooo excited about making the Charlotte's Web shawl. (Yeah, I'm catching on to it about a year after every other knitting blogger.) I'm thinking if I can get it done by Russ's Christmas party, I'll wear that over a simple black tank dress. Mmm. I also got a couple patterns from White Lies Designs and a few Berroco books. I enjoy those books because most, if not all the patterns, go up to a size that I can wear (and usually a couple sizes bigger...rock!)

Stash organized. Every single ball of yarn I own is in *something*. And holy shit, there's a lot of it. As soon as I get the Koigu I want for Charlotte, the yarn diet begins.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day swatching for the Shapely Tank with some cotton yarn I got from Elann a while back in a green/blue/white colorway. Spring's finally coming here in Maine, I have to be ready!