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Sunday, April 25, 2004


Note Ayla attempting to help. I've just started the waist shaping on the front. The front will take a little longer than the back, alas, because of the short-rowing at the bust. I have to admit I'm still not entirely sure how short rows work...I did exactly what the pattern said to, with the wrapped stitches and everything, down at the hem, and I *still* have little holes. I have to get this figured out by the time I make Kelly's sweater (Pinup Girl from SnB), because it *features* short rows. I'm not giving my best friend a sweater full of holes unless it's supposed to be full of holes, goddammit.

If you're actually looking at this page (rather than reading from your friends list), you may notice that I have two projects 95% done. Basically that's code for "I have to sew the dang things together, but at least I'm done knitting them." If I'm lucky, my evening will be spent with a needle sewing. (Not that I need the wrist warmers, since it's getting pretty warm, but it would be nice to finish the kitty bed for Ayla so she can stop nosing at the current knitting.)