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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Good news and bad news

Which, since this is a knitting blog, is extremely relative.

The good news is, I have a completed front of a Shapely Tank! Wooo! After I bound off the straps, I held it up to myself and decided I needed a few more rows b/c the armholes seemed to end too I got to rip out two bind-offs. That was fun *eyeroll* I completely screwed one up, but once the edging is knit on you won't be able to tell. I just discovered a Tank-Along...if I can't join with my already-in-progress tank, I'll just have to make another (maybe not the Shapely though...I'll be ready to try something new.)

The bad news is, I don't have enough of the Fantasy Naturale for the Bistro Shirt. In fact, I'm short by 50 yards. Gah. And I know for sure that the store where I bought it is sold out of that color, much less the dye lot.

I'm finally teaching myself how to crochet...well, let's be completely honest. It's finally clicking. Yesterday I bought one of those Lion Brand scarf kits that comes with the hook/needles and big bulky yarn. I didn't think crochet hooks came that big! Anyway, it's a simple single crochet scarf, which I'm assuming is the crochet equivalent of a garter stitch scarf, out of Jiffy T&Q. Fuzzy. A little fuzzier than I like, but whatever. Anyway, the scarf itself seems sort of stiff, super thick too, thicker than it would end up if the yarn were that odd, or is my tension way tight? (I know a couple people who read this crochet, so I'm hoping they can help!)