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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


I ordered my yarn for Charlotte from Threadbear today. Rob sent me a picture of my colorway and I just keep opening it and looking at it and drooling....and drooling some more. Kelly said it looks like candy. I just want the yarn to come so I can start making it. I got a couple of skeins of Koigu from an eBay auction the other day--it feels sooooo nice.

Stocked up on cotton yesterday for hats and headscarves and things. I think before my trip I'm going to make a teeny Bottoms Up Bucket Hat for Son of Cousin (son's name eludes me at the time....Taylor I think?) I've got a blue ombre that would be super cute. I just have to finish up the one that's on the needles at the time, as soon as the replenishment yarn comes from Central Yarn this week sometime.

Found a pattern in my collection for a cap sleeve collared thingie that I think would be gorgeous in the Plymouth Fantasy Naturale I have in my stash...provided I have enough. Otherwise....oh darn, trip to the yarn store. The cap sleeves actually make me happy, for once, because I've already sunburned my shoulders once this spring, and maybe a bit of covering can help the sunblock.