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Monday, May 03, 2004

The pictues that were supposed to show up Thursday

This hat came from VKOTG's Caps and Hats. I made it with Wool-Ease, which is actually awesome yarn considering it's mostly acrylic. I took out one pattern repeat and every time I measured the gauge it was right AND I made a size smaller than my head, but it was still too big. It's not meant to be folded up like it is in the picture.

This was just me not checking gauge and using yarn that's probably a bit heavier than called for. It's the Gathered Hat from Hip To Knit, and if you look really carefully you might be able to see the cable sort of on the right (your left) side of my head. Probably not, because it blends in fairly well since I used tweed yarn. Another member of the Wool-Ease family here, this is the Thick & Quick. Forgive the flirtatious look. I always give the camera weird looks when I'm taking pics of myself.

Got this pattern from a knitblogger, Will Knit For Food (I'm too lazy to find the URL right now, I'll edit and add it in later). Made from one (almost) skein of Noro Iro. Still needs blocking...the brim won't roll after it's blocked, it'll sort of hang down.

Wrist warmer. There are two, but the other one looks exactly the same, so I figured you'd get the effect from seeing just one. From the same crappy Red Heart yarn as the Kittyville hat. Just a K1P1 rib rectangle seamed up the side with a hole left for my thumb.

Since Tiffany wanted to see my progress on this...The colors are totally inaccurate. For some reason my flash decided not to work, and I was standing between the chair and the overhead light. You can see the waist shaping on the right side (because I pinned it out so you could!) and the poofiness up at the top is caused half by being smushed onto the needle and half by the short rowing.

Goodness! Where does the bed end and the kitty begin? She's been in it almost constantly since I finished it Thursday, so I think it's safe to say that she likes it :-) It's the Princess Snowball bed from SnB, sandstone Fun Fur for the side and black for the bottom (which you can't see, b/c there's an Ayla in the way).