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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Why my sock is bad:
--I can't stand the color. It's just some random stash yarn that came with a grab bag I ordered.
--I can't get even tension for the life of me. It makes the sock look all pebbly.
--I cast on too tight, so the top edge pulls in.
--I can't see how this damn thing is going to fit around my pudgy ankle.
--This would look so much better in a variegated yarn, since the ripple stitch would be more obvious, but I chose a solid.
--I haven't gotten to the heel yet. That's gonna be the hard part.
--I can't think of a good way to store needle #5 when I'm not working on the sock. Somehow sticking it in the middle of the solidly wound ball of yarn isn't satisfying me.

Why my sock is good:
--No ladders!
--The pattern is incredibly easy to remember. The stitch repeat is conveniently the number of stitches on one needle.
--Working with DPNs is easier than I originally thought.
--I think my tension might be starting to even out.
--It's going quickly. With probably a total of an hour of work, I've got over 2 inches done.

Right now, the goods are good enough to outweigh the bads, despite having less of them.