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Thursday, May 13, 2004

It's Thursday!

And I feel perfectly justified in spending tonight knitting. I think my project will be turning the heel on Practice Broadripple and getting through (at least partially) the waist increases on the back of Shapely.

And yes, I know that part of my UFO night ritual involves posting pictures of recent FOs. See, I can't do that tonight. It's not that there aren't FOs. It's that there's no camera. I accidentally left it in the Boy's car on Sunday after taking it to my mom's place to take pics of some porcelain she wants appraised, and then the Boy went back to where he lives and won't be back until tomorrow. So there will be pictures of a finished Huge Bucket Hat and a string shopping bag made of cotton, as well as possibly Tiff's scarf if I can get her to model it.

Off to knit! Update later.