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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Random stuff, still no pics, sorry

--I'm going to wear Shapely on Friday to the yarn store field trip/Stitch and Bitch. If anyone will appreciate it, knitters will.

--I think I'm going to frog the Eros scarf. Garter stitch scarves are boring as heck when they're not made in Splash, consequently taking only about 4 hours to complete. I think this shade of Eros wants to be a shawl or something. Though not with only one ball. I could buy another, the yarn store has PLENTY in the color. For now, back into the stash with you, Easter Color Eros.

--Which brings me to the question, what to work on at S&B? Andrea's scarf will be done by then. So will the cloche hat. I'm bored with the socks. Charlotte is way too complicated to talk and knit on at the same time. (Well, maybe not complicated. More involved.) Wow, is that really everything I have going? Maybe I'll do some designing/swatching for Michael's afghan. (I'm having thoughts of reversible cables in thick yarn.) Or swatch for Kelly's sweater. Who knows? Anyone got ideas?