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Monday, June 28, 2004


I've done very little knitting since Friday's Stitch N Bitch. There, I finished Broadripple Sock Numero Uno. (I didn't cast on for Numero Dos until today...very bad me.) Other than that, I finally frogged some stuff that I was planning to frog, I knit a hat out of chenille and promptly frogged it when I realized that I had cast on too tight and I hated the pattern anyway, and I looked at Charlotte and thought about how much I should work on her. Of course, I realize this at around 11 pm most of the time, a time when I'm still awake and will be for quite a while, but at which I'm not nearly functional enough to work on something that's that fiddly and attention-requiring.

Well, I did make a small dolphin. Started it Friday night, finished knitting it Saturday on the way to Amanda's, finished putting it together in the car sitting in Amanda's driveway, and immediately gave it to her. She liked it, and laughed a little at the copy of Island of the Blue Dolphins I gave her with it, as the small dolphin was made out of blue-ish gray yarn. (Hence its title in my sidebar, Island of the Blue Dolphin.) Didn't get any pictures of it, because my brain in its infinite wisdom allowed me to forget my camera. Blah.

I've got start-itis right now. I feel like starting a new project, but I really should finish something up before I do that. And of course, I haven't the least bit of a clue what I'd like to start. I finally found a pattern for my cousin's afghan, but I don't have the yarn, and I certainly don't have the huge-ass needles the pattern requires. Size 35 needles aren't usually on your list of needles to stock up on. I could start on Kelly's sweater, but I don't really feel like making something I have to swatch for at the moment. I could make yet another scarf or hat...ugh. I could make a Chickami, but the thought of endless stockinette....yes, I could use a stitch pattern, but then comes the deciding what pattern to use, blah blah blah. (Side note, one of these days I'm going to design a tank top in a pattern that scallops at the bottom, sort of like feather-and-fan stitch or something else chevron-y. When I'm smaller and can pull it off better.)

Okay, enough rambling. I'm going to go work on the Deco Ribbon bag, since that's reasonably close to done.