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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Knitting--or lack thereof

I have gotten so little knitting done lately. Between the wedding (no, don't get excited, not mine!) over the weekend, and trying to set this thing up last night (and I still have way more customizations to add), I've done nothing except try out mistake rib in cruddy Red Heart yarn last night early this morning when I couldn't sleep. I'd really like to get a few more rows done on Charlotte sometime in the near future. I'm well into color #3 at this point, so row-count-wise I'm halfway through, more or less, but the rows are going to start getting sooooooo long. I'll probably work on it tonight, if I can keep the cat from playing with the Koigu. (Hand-painted yarn is not a kitty toy!)

Now I have to think about Christmas presents. I've finished one (yay!), which isn't as cool as it's just a Splash scarf. They take, like, 3 hours. Ooooh. So much work. (This one's in purples, for Russ's sister.)

I should really get started on Sarah's HP scarf. She's going to be back from Russia soon, but then, she lives in Arizona, so it's not like she'll need it in the near future. Maybe I'll procrastinate on that one some more.

I still need to post some pics. Maybe that'll happen tonight too. (I know, Mom, I keep saying this and never doing anything about it.)

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