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Monday, July 12, 2004

Weekend knitting?

Not so much. I just didn't really get much of a chance. I tried to work on F-and-F on the bus trip to Boston, but the seats were way too cramped to work on her with The Boy sitting beside me. I did start a swatch for the master knitting program...the seed stitch one (#3? I don't have the sheet in front of me.) The only reason I could is I bought shorter size 8 needles earlier that day...just for the sole purpose of knitting the swatches :-) They'll be useful for scarves later. It looks pretty decent. I'll probably redo it anyway, because I'm having real problems getting my cast-on even. You'd think I have plenty of practice now, but the whole time I've been knitting (including the knitting-a-whole-bunch-of-nothing when I was younger) I always used the knitted cast-on. I could never get the hang of the basic one-needle one...none of the pictures I'd ever seen ANYWHERE made it make any sense to me. Then a few weeks ago I told myself that I was going to learn it and I was going to like it. I've nailed the first, and I'm making myself use it every time I cast on for something new, but I still don't have it perfectly even yet. Which means I don't really like it yet. (Any tips, anyone?)

Last night I managed to get a few rows done on Charlotte (I've started color 4!) and I started Sarah's HP scarf this morning. I think I'm also going to make her a condom cozy (a la summer Knitty) in Slytherin colors. Bwa ha ha.