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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Wednesday is a wonderful day. Maybe.

I came to a lovely realization today. I can knit standing up...provided said knitting is on circular needles. Yes, I know this is probably rather stupid and legions of knitters have been practicing their craft on foot since the dawn of time. But, for me, it means that time spent standing at the bus stop need not be wasted! Huzzah!

Since the last post I:
--finished knitting Elise's scarf (just in time, as I was thoroughly bored with the stitch)
--finished Broadripple (they're too big, but thankfully they're cotton so they'll shrink a bit)
--started like 17 other projects (okay, not really, but my list has gotten more ADD than usual)
--came up with like 17,000 other projects I want to do (less of an exaggeration than above)
--finished my Christmas knitting list (at least until I remember all the other people who I want to knit things for)
--subscribed to Interweave Knits (first issue is to be mailed on the 22nd)
--took no pictures of FOs or even WIPs (sorry!)

Now a run-through on the knitalongs I'm participating in:

Tank-Along update: I think I'll start a Chickami fairly soon. There are things about Shapely that I don't particularly like, so most likely I won't make another one, at least not for myself.

Charlotte Women update: Yeah, I haven't done any more since the last time I posted. I'm not super-motivated to rush through it, as I won't be wearing it until mid-December, so I'm just taking my time.

Lace-Along update: Finished one scarf, looking for a lace pattern to start the second (like I said before, I am SO SICK of fan-and-feather)

Sophie-Along update: I hate picking up stitches, in case anyone's wondering. The Kool-Aid yarn is working up nicely. Almost to the first set of decreases (I'm on row 8 of the body I think?)

And I'm off.