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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Okay, I added a new commenting service. It's pretty much just like other blogs now, name, e-mail, website, comment. Now I can actually respond personally to comments that people leave. Of course, now I can't see any comments that were left on the built-in Blogger commenting system, but whatever. Comment away! (Jessie, I did get your comment on the last entry e-mailed to me. If I don't end up posting my yarn here, I'll e-mail you with what I have for Kureyon.)

Edit: Okay, so the screwed up thing is, even when there are comments through the new system, the link on the page says "0 comments". I'm gonna try to change that, but until then, don't be misled!

Edit again: Fixed it! Yay me! (For those who read this through the LJ feed, I'm sorry, I probably screwed things up good by editing this entry so damn much. I'm done now, I promise.)