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Friday, August 06, 2004

Knitting phobias

I was talking to the ladies at the LYS (by the way, I have an interview for a part time position there on Monday!) and mentioned my fear of colorwork. I'm the type of person who will knit random complicated lace and cable patterns for fun (somewhere along the lines of the math nerd who will do double and triple integrals just because (s)he can), but I'm scared of simple Fair Isle type colorwork. So today I'm picking up my trusty copy of Knitting for Dummies, I'm taking out two different colors of OTNSY (Official Trying-New-Stuff Yarn), and going to it. So far so good, but lord, all the ends to weave!

Started a Chinchilla chemo cap the other night. That stuff sheds on the hands like a Persian cat in Death Valley, CA. Needless to say, I got impatient before I put it down to pick back up another, less hot day.

Wonder what the feasibility of making a felted sleeve for my laptop is. I have all this random Cascade 220, and if this FI thing works, I could use some of it for that.