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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


The HP Scarf That Ate Tokyo Hogwarts is done! The thing is insanely long and cozy. It's going to be way too warm for Sarah in AZ, but I hope she likes it just the same.

My first attempt ever at a 3-needle bindoff. A little awkward, but a heck of a lot better than seaming!

Ignore the messiness behind the scarf. This thing is long! It's as long as my bed (6 1/2 feet?) Now I want one of my own, but I'll make an Azkaban style for myself. I still need to trim the fringe so it's even, but otherwise it's done! No more stockinette for me for a while :-)

I've been working on Charlotte too. Joyous, one row taking 20 minutes...and they're still going to get longer! It's cold in the lab...I wish I had her done now.