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Friday, August 20, 2004

Unfulfilled start-itis

If you look at my sidebar, you'll see that I have only 2 WIPs that I'm actually progressing on. For me and my KADD, that is nothing short of tragic. Especially since Charlotte is 8 rows short of completion (3 off-and-on hours last night to do 8 rows, so they go quicker than I thought--and of course NOW is when I have every row of the repeat memorized...for some reason the first row was giving my head crap because the number of YOs is different from every other row) and the sweater piece I'm working on is endless 2x2 rib, thus boring and mindless. (I can't wait to work on the front...and I'm going to try the two-sleeves-at-once thing if I can avoid tying myself up with the two balls of yarn it'll require. Enough parenthetical diversions now.)

I have 2 KALs that start on the 5th...the DNA along and the Poncho along. No, the buttons aren't up yet, but they will be soon. Since Charlotte will be done tonight with any luck except for blocking and edging, I need something to fill up that two weeks so I'm not down to *gasp* ONE project! And I want to make something for myself...I still have 9 more Christmas presents to go (one of which is involved in a KAL) and those'll probably be the only things I make during the semester. Maybe I'll start Rosedale. Cooler weather will be here before I know it, and a wooly sweater will be wonderful. I think I'll also throw a Coronet in there. I feel like cabling. Maybe use a different cable design on the brim though. I have some light blue Cascade from a grab bag that would suit the design wonderfully. Of course that's going to mean I'll have to order more of the same color to make a pair of gloves out of. Must have matching gloves.

I dreamed about Koigu last night. Is that pathetic?