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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Not a whole heckuvalot

Not much knitting been going on lately, except in the bus rides and the 10 minutes before class, but I felt compelled to blog anyway. Mostly from boredom with the projects I've got going. Seems like I've been working on all of them for so very long, and I ache for something new. Which means I'll probably get started on some *SHH* Secret Knitting for my Secret Pal tonight after I do all the cleaning I'm setting forth to do.

Now, progress reports.

Pinup Queen: Still on the sleeves. I hate sleeves. Must be why I've never made an entire sweater before. I'll slog through them though (and at least I'm getting them both over with at once), because I have-to-have-to-HAVE-TO finish them before I can do the front, which promises to be the most engaging knitting on this piece. Kelly, you will definitely get a sweater out of the deal!

Chickami: I'm to the knit-even point after all the waist shaping is done. Now I just need to figure out how the rest of the sweater goes together...I'm making the wide-strap version and the pattern isn't especially clear on when to go to those directions. *le sigh* It's pretty, but feels a little scratchier than I thought it would upon feeling the yarn in the ball. Nothing a bit of Snuggle in the washing machine won't fix, hopefully. Holy stockinette, Batman....I'll need to do something complicated soon to shake off the tedium of stockinette-in-the-round. It's nice mindless knitting though. Everything I have on the needles right now is mindless though (until I actually cast on for the DNA scarf, now that swatching is over.)

DNA scarf: Speaking of...the swatch dried and was satisfactory. I just need to cast on for the actual scarf now. I have to really get my hands moisturized first, because the fuzzy yarn keeps getting caught on dry spots around my nails. Not cool.

Work socks: I hate heel flaps. I'm sick of doing heel flaps. I was going to make a pair of socks for Roger (the Boy's dad) out of this same pattern, but if I have to do another heel flap heel, I'll scream. (Too bad I have to do the second sock for this pair still.) And I seem to have lost one of my sz 6 double points. Rwar. I'll have to find a sock pattern that uses worsted-weight and has a short-row heel, because I've been meaning to try me one of them.

So....a whole lotta babbling about a whole lotta nothing. Next time, I'll accompany it with pictures of said whole lotta nothing.