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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Oy. Oy indeed.

Ugh, apparently now that school has started I only end up blogging once a week. Not exactly what I had in mind for this thing. I've been knitting a little bit, I suppose not enough to blog about.

I'm up to 2 repeats on the DNA scarf:

With any luck I can get 3 more repeats done by the weekend, so I can work on the ribbing while SnB'ing with Meaghan and Shana.

I have 2 more inches of Ernest's Sock #2 before starting the toe (no picture here). I've decided that Roger's socks will involve 1) a short row heel, 2) different ribbing on the leg, and 3) a less pointy toe. I may just have to design them myself. Maybe a mini-twist rib. Something a little more exciting than 2x2.

And I worked on sleeves for Kelly's sweater. I'm going to get through them soon. WIthin the next week or two. The thing I'm worried about with this sweater is finishing. I'm horrible at mattress stitch, and I hate sewing, so I hurry through it. Hopefully there's someone local-ish who can help me.

Next projects on my plate:
Gloves for my grandfather
*censored* for my mom (that's right Mom, you're not going to get a hint from my knitblog about what you're getting for Christmas!)

Those two projects won't take long. Though I'm tempted to make half of the pair of gloves I plan to make myself, just so a gift glove isn't the very first one I make. (How's that for rationalizing knitting for myself?)

Taught a friend to knit over the weekend, which makes me incredibly happy. It's a friend who I never guessed would ever want to learn, but it's because one of her classes is doing a service project that involves charity knitting. Found out the other day that another friend is toying with the idea of learning as well. Oh-so-very happy.