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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Pictureless post

I found two more UFO's. One is an experimental Splash scarf...I'm knitting it up in purse stitch to see what it ends up doing. The other is a simple garter stitch bag made from Plymouth Turino Silk. They were lurking in the bottom of my project bag. Silly them.

Got a package from my secret pal today. It contained a drawstring bag made by Amy of Boogie Knits with a sheep on it and a ball of blue and teal Sockotta. I love me some Sockotta. Enough cotton to be cool, enough wool to be resilient. Now I really have to get with the making of the socks. Thank you secret pal!

I ended up frogging the ribbing of the DNA scarf and starting over. Sarah had some excellent advice in her latest entry about different styles of knitting when knitting ribbing, and I tried them all out...the Reverse Combined Knitting (as I call it...wrapping your knits backwards and purling TBL) was slightly neater, but not enough to really make a huge difference. Now I'm just really watching the tension and knitting tighter than usual, and it looks like any weirdness using this method will block out fairly easily.

Making some progress on the Grandfather Gloves. I'm done with the ribbing, and I'm setting up the cable and increasing for the thumb gusset now. There's a chance I'll get all my Christmas knitting done before Thanksgiving! (This statement is going to come back and haunt me later, right?)

Need to experiment with the Cousin Afghan. The pattern I chose uses two different colors, and I want to see if the dark gray Homespun I already have works with the Mission before I go out and find a different accent color for it. I really need to get this afghan done and sent's a graduation present from this past summer! *blush*