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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Brief non-knitting content: Hell Hath Frozen Over. I'm surprised New England still exists after last night.

Back to knitting. I even have pictures today, since I bought new batteries for my camera. (Finally switched to rechargeables. Happiness.) Since my Powerbook does so well at modeling (I mean, it *is* dead sexy...well, for a computer anyway), it continues to show off the knitting for me.

First, proof that I've completed half a pair of gloves:

I'm finished with the cuff of glove #2 by now. I wish I could have gotten some detail of the cabling on the back, but with such dark yarn, it doesn't show at all.

Now, a beautiful swath of ribbing:

Need to start the cable section tonight while I do laundry.

And ruffles:

This is my baseball knitting...but baseball's over. So I have to save it for April and the beginning of baseball season again, right? :-)

Have to send out my last Secret Pal package today. I can't believe it's almost November...I'll have to sign up for SP4 in January.