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Monday, November 29, 2004


Whoa. How could I let my knitting blog stagnate for 11 days? I'm disappointed in myself.

No worries, though, the knitting didn't stagnate. No pics, but progress reports:

Pinup Queen: I got through the sleeve increases, so now it's straight knitting for another 4 inches before the cap shaping. The end is in sight!

Grandfather Gloves: A finger and a half, a thumb, and many ends to go, then I'm done. (And they can be added to the upcoming blocking party, since they're slightly disproportionate.)

Mom's Thing: Going as smoothly as it always has.

Crazy Kroy Toe-Up: The toe is TEH POINTY! Should have figure-8-ed a few more stitches. I've turned the heel (picking up a double-wrapped purl stitch is a pain) and knit a bit of ankle, now for the ribbing and I'll have a pretty pink pointy-toed ankle sock. I like my socks short, what can I say?

Michael's Afghan: FINALLY started it. Found a different pattern, cast onto my Denises, and I've learned that Denises make ANY cheap-ass yarn bearable. Red Heart--smooth as silk. Homespun--no splitting with those needle tips! *worships needles*

So I had a bit of a bout with insomnia last night. Now, take a geek, add yarn and needles, and give her an idea that seems really good at 1 am, and what do you get?

Wool-Ease knit in stockinette on size 4 straight needles (to see how tight the fabric gets) with no purling involved. The knitting backwards thing isn't all that hard. I'm not going to stop purling any time soon, but I get pretty decently tensioned stockinette with this method. Found it was easier to wrap the yarn "backwards" on the backwards rows (easier to pull the yarn through that way) and then knit TBL on the regular knit rows. Sort of a bastard child of combined knitting?

And a new button over there...the Non-Yarn-Buying-Agreement. Saw it referenced on Donna's blog, who had a link to Margene's know, I think the link chain goes on, but that's where I've seen it. WONDERFUL idea. I've been on a major yarn binge lately, and it needs to stop. In fact, the destashing must continue. So I'm going to post some stuff on eBay tonight as soon as I take some pictures, and probably put some more stuff up on my destashing page. My financial situation needs it. February 1? I can certainly make it until then. *starts shaking from withdrawal* Yeah, ignore that. I can make it until then.