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Sunday, November 14, 2004

So close, yet so far.....

It's almost midnight on a school night. I have one--ONE!--more repeat left on the DNA scarf. Part of me is saying, "yo, idiot, 9:00 classes are bad enough without not getting enough sleep." But the other part of me--the Bad Ass Knitter part of me--is telling me what a travesty it is to stop when I'm SO CLOSE to the end. Sort of like stopping at mile 25 of a marathon and saying, "Nope, I'm done, go on without me." What do I do?

Got a FO that didn't even make it on the WIP list, it went so fast. Made a fuzzy scarf for my advisor's 4-year-old daughter out of Sirdar Funky Fur. If I have enough time between everything else I have to do before Christmas, I want to make her a pair of mittens and use the rest of the Funky Fur to trim the wristbands. I know when I was 4 it was all about the matching sets of stuff. (Course, that was 21 years ago...4-year-olds might have changed since then.) Pictures when I find the USB cable for my digital camera. Yay for disorganization!