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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It's finished!

Yep...I finished the DNA scarf. Sadly, I went to bed Sunday night rather than doing that last repeat. Did half of it before class last night, did the other half and *2* of the seed stitch rows after class and before falling asleep, and finished the seed stitch frantically before going to catch the bus to get to work today. Hence, no pics yet, I didn't have time! It still needs to be blocked too...I think I'm going to have to have a blocking party during finals week, because I have 3 gift scarves that need it. But, woo! I finished something!

My next FO will most likely be the Grandfather Gloves. I'm almost to the part where you separate off the thumb gusset on Glove #2, and after that it's easy knitting until the fingers, and then fiddly pain-in-the-ass knitting for the fingers. Maybe someday I'll experiment with using double knitting for the fingers of gloves...but not on a gift. The words "experiment" and "gift" do not belong in the same sentence.