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Thursday, November 18, 2004


Yeah, finally found my camera cable. It was on my desk....whodathunk? Since when do I put things somewhere that makes sense?

First, the DNA scarf. As I was taking this picture, it was crying to be blocked. Seriously crying. Can you really blame it? (Pay no attention to the unmade bed. I was cold tonight, so I've been under the covers while I do my homework and knit.)

And here's the fuzzy purple scarf I'm giving to my advisor's daughter for Christmas:

One ball of Sirdar Funky Fur. The first project I've made with my new set of Denises! LURVE the Denise needles. Mmmm.

Anyway. Tonight I caved and started something that ISN'T a present for someone else.

Isn't that the ugliest figure-8 toe you've ever seen? Actually, considering it's my first one EVER, it's pretty damn good. Using my one random set of Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs and quite disliking them, to tell the truth. They just kept sliding out at the beginning. We seem to be coming to terms with each other though, and I'm hoping by the time the socks are done we'll be on good terms, not just terms. Yarn is Kroy Socks in Fancy Free (which translates to Holy Crap Pink, so if they don't come out well I won't be too disappointed.) Wendy's generic toe-up pattern, which means this sock will also involve my first ever short row heel! Whoo...all the new stuff at once...can you handle it?

BTW, bought SnB Nation yesterday, pretty much sight-unseen. The pics are SO MUCH better than the SnB blog makes them out to be, and there are so many things in there that I want to make. For some reason though, I thought the chapter on adapting patterns was supposed to have instructions on how to resize patterns. *shrug* I can figure it out on my own, I suppose. I'm thinking the newsboy hat is in my future.....