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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

November recap

So how's my November craft list looking?

  • Finish DNA

  • Finish Grandfather Gloves

  • Finish those damn sleeves, if not the front too, for Pinup Queen

  • CLEAN OUT STASH (in progress)

  • Make/felt Deb's turtle

  • Roger's socks

  • Start Mom's Secret Present

  • Swatch for/start Rosedale?

  • At least START Michael's afghan

Dismal. Good thing I have a week between finals and Christmas.

So here's the plan:

  • I feel like watching a movie tonight, and I bet I can finish Mom's Thing during the watching.

  • Scarf Swap scarf gets this weekend, I can get a bunch done on the bus to Portland

  • Two more small gifts: turtle and socks. Those can be worked on the rest of this week and into next week

  • Finals week into the next week: Kelly's sweater

  • Finish my socks whenever there's time in between

I'm probably not going to get to the cloche hat I wanted to make myself before my trip. If I do, yay, if not, no big deal.