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Thursday, December 02, 2004

It is very important that I post this RIGHT NOW!!!

I'm finally able to Kitchener stitch without looking at instructions the whole time!

Yes, I needed to post that at 2:16 am. I most likely would have forgotten by the morning.

And since it was so hard to type that first sentence correctly, it is time for bed, provided, of course, that the random plastic trash cans blowing around (loudly) in the street don't keep me awake. Is it really that hard to bring in your trash can after the trash is removed from it? It's been nearly 20 hours since the trash truck came! (This is the sort of thing that doesn't quite belong in a knitting blog. No, I'm not drunk. I'm just extremely punchy due to insomnia. Everything is amusing, or annoying. Either way, it's bedtime.)